ElectroSpindle TMPE2 9/2 1.1kW 18-24000Rpm ER20 S-L - CNC ANGLAIS 2022
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ElectroSpindle TMPE2 9/2 1.1kW 18-24000Rpm ER20 S-L


Electrospindels TMPE1 9/2

  • type of Motor                      Manual Toolchanger
  • Type of Bearing                  Double Bearing
  • Power Rating                      1.1kW
  • Base RPM                            18000 Base RPM
  • Maximum RPM                  24000 MAX RPM
  • Type of Toolholder            Collet
  • Collet Size                            ER20 from 1 to 13mm
  • Type of bearing sealing     Laminar Seal Rings (standard)
  • Type of Cooling                   Shaft driven fan cooling
  • Extrusion Dimensions       63x82mm (C31/40)
  • Connection methode         Terminal box connection 3x230V/3x400v
  • Weight                                  3.7Kg

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These Electrospindles are the selection of models made for miling, that we always have in stock. They are full compatible with Teknomotor. We can offer a total of 50 models of Electro spindles, and therefore have made a selection to sell from stock. All Electrospindles in the catalog we can also supply but they have a longer leadtime, minimum 6-8 weeks leadtime. Please note, Electro spindles are much more expensive in terms of price then the HF Spindles, but there is a big difference. Electro spindles can have a maximum speed of 24000 rpm, further the design is for combinated load such radial loads and axial loads. There is a much bigger choice in terms of the type of bearings, standard are double angular contact bearings instead of deepgroove ball bearings in the HF spindles. The prices given are for the Spindle + Balanced Nut + Wrench, most shops give only the price for the motor, so be careful when comparing pricing…In most cases clients will also need a  (Variable Frequency Drive) VFD drive, we offer these on th electronic parts page, the VFDs from Delta hight quality models work perfectly with these motors. If you wish we can at an extra charge connect and test run the VFD with your motor, also we can test run it from USBCNC software.

This product is naturally destinated to application of tooling in tender materials such:

Woods, pvc and plastic, aluminium, and composite. For sure the quality of bearing used can also work in eavy material like iron, but due to the aluminium construction of the Electrospindle the dimension can variate with temperature. For more precision please use our liquid selection.

Our Spindle are made for tooling in dust condition, to avoid it at maximum, we add a pressure input, it is considered as the better solution to avoid  bearing pollution)

Electrospindles TMPE2 9/2

Power 1.1kW@18000Tr/mn Max speed 24000Tr/mn

For collet type ER20 diam from 1 to 13mm

Designed for radial and axial loads, heavy duty motor
Three phase induction motor 230v coupling trangle / 400v coupling star
(Star/Triangle selection on motor using plates)
(delivered already coupled function of drive chosed)
Squirel Caged rotor balanced to ISO 1940 norms
Shaft driven cooling
IP 54 compliant
DB- Double angular contact bearing in Spindle nose
Includes a balanced NUT and Wrench
Runout of the taper is less than 0,01mm